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Miss You All - Doing Exorcisms

Jan 14, 2020


Hey Radiant Fire Radio Family,

Miss creating content for you guys, I have some new shows pending but I want to first let you know how much I appreciate your support.  I appreciate your support thiiissss much...  Smile!

There is a lot going on in the world but one of the most important things is helping set God's...

Jan 11, 2020

logo(Podcast) I have been a long time user or Teamviewer.  I love the product.  I have been using it for personal use.  I help my mother & other family members, I help people in the Church, including my Pastor navigate through software and maintenance issues.

I believe in capitalism and I believe in Teamviewers right...

Jan 10, 2020


(Podcast) Grief effects everyone in different ways.  It can bring up the rawest of emotions at the oddest times.  This podcast came to be as the result of a new song put out by Toby Mac. 

There are many coping mechanisms to help one survive the loss of a loved one and Toby Mac chose to write and sing about what...

Jan 8, 2020


(Podcast) Feeling excellent today.  Seeing some of my results from being consistent.  I want to challenge you to maintain that fire by taking small steps toward meeting your goals.  It's the small steps that build consistency and fervency about your work and plan of execution will bring long...

Jan 6, 2020

(Podcast) Hey, I just want to remind you that while you are working and executing, you need to have patience about what you want.  You cannot rush the process.  It's a process for a reason.  Many people work and execute for a few days and then they get "TIRED".  Don't do that to yourself.  Be patient.  Work your plan...