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I am devoted to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have given my heart to my one true love.  Jesus the Christ, the anointed one and His anointing.  There is no other God like the most-high God.  I will serve Him for the rest of my natural life.  His love is great.  His love for me is wonderful, it is too powerful for me to understand.  I owe Him my life.  Without Him, I am nothing.

Are all of these podcasts religious?  No.  Do I have a Christian world view? Yes.  I have purposed in my heart to do all unto Him.

Aug 22, 2020



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Don’t Take What God is Doing for Granted, We Could Still Lose in November

The Democrats held their National Convention this week.  This is the procedural leg of formally nominating Biden as an official candidate for President and Harris as an official candidate for Vice President on your election ballot on November 3, 2020. 

What I see is a very coordinated effort by the enemy to stir up division between the classes and hatred for the upper class (rich).  They spoke in their presentations about making sure that this country does not lose its democracy.  They accused President Trump of not caring about the Middle (Working Class) and Lower (Poor) classes in this country.  They pointed the finger at President Trump as they proclaimed that he is the reason this country is in the state that it is in.  They are wrong but they are fully committed.

Repeatedly, throughout this convention, they drove this message home.  They used pictures, videos, voice clips, children, old people, middle-aged people, gay people, and transgender people to put forth their message.  All of them looked the same, sounded the same, they stood in total unity because their mission to get rid of President Donald Trump is a necessity to them. 

What you need to see is that President Trump is standing in the path of all of this machinery.  While this machinery is pointed at him, you need to look at this as an attack upon you.   This is an attack upon your morality, your Christianity, your Americanism, and your ability to think and make decisions for yourself.  The demons who are running the people who are running the Democratic Party are out to destroy all that is Godly.  They don’t see it this way, but this is what is really happening.

I want to stress the spiritual nature of what is going on here.  We are not fighting against people (flesh & blood). Yes, these people are open doorways to evil.  They practice ungodly sexual deviancies, witchcrafts, perversions of all kinds, and many other abominable things.  The point remains that they are the “good” homes for the principalities and powers that are running them.  The sins that they are in gives these demons the source of power to destroy and attack us Christians with the full force of the enemy. 

It is critical in this hour that we stay as committed to fighting this in prayer.  We cannot become complacent or assume that we have this in the bag.  There are many news reports from the conservative perspective that show that we are ahead in the polls.  Many people laughed at the stupidities that went on during the Democratic Convention.  I know in my heart that President Trump will be elected for a second term.  We cannot underestimate our enemy and take for granted that we have won.  We have to exceed their level of commitment to removing President Trump.  We must remember at all times in the past they have outnumbered us at the voting booth sometimes 4 voters to 1.  In the 2008 and 2012 elections there was such complacency that the Christian Community stayed home on voting day.  Christians did not go and cast a ballot.  They sat home and put their trust in the rest of the country to vote and do what was right. 

We don’t have the luxury to allow this to happen again.  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, & Chuck Shumer worked very hard from 2008 to 2016 to bring this country down.  They left a lot of things in place legally that if President Trump were not reelected could drag us overnight back into the days where we were second class citizens as Christians.  Now is not the time to stop praying or talking about what is going on.  Now is the time to pray and spread the word that this is not over yet.  We must keep fighting and pushing until we have crossed the finish line.  Many a runner has kicked themselves because they were beat out by the runner behind them because they leaned forward as they crossed the finish.  It’s time to lean.  Biden and Harris are jokes and the whole world knows this but the machinery that they have behind them could get them elected on November 3rd.