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I am devoted to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have given my heart to my one true love.  Jesus the Christ, the anointed one and His anointing.  There is no other God like the most-high God.  I will serve Him for the rest of my natural life.  His love is great.  His love for me is wonderful, it is too powerful for me to understand.  I owe Him my life.  Without Him, I am nothing.

Are all of these podcasts religious?  No.  Do I have a Christian world view? Yes.  I have purposed in my heart to do all unto Him.

Jan 26, 2020

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(Podcast) Part 2 of 4, Christopher & Kathryn share their experiences with their blended family.  Christopher being the step-parent, Kathryn being the biological.  Kathryn shares on how hard it was to integrate Christopher as a step-parent into the family.  Christopher shares on the many mistakes that he made about the existing family unit of Kathryn and her three kids + a new step-dad.  We share what worked and what didn't work for our family.  

Step-parenting is a skill that requires a lot of patience and wisdom.  You have to be self-aware about your pain, learn about your spouses pain, and then learn about your children's pain.  Learning to recognize this will help you heal your family and bring them together.

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