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You will find teachings geared to Christians who know they are in the terminal generation. You will find videos about consumer issues, the role of politics in the church, prophecy in the church, exorcism and deliverance in the church, stepparenting in families, motivational talks, encouragement for generation x, terminal generation, those who are process grief, politics, social commentary, biblical commentary, racism. Some willl be humorous, some serious, some borderline but all meant to help you learn.

I am devoted to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have given my heart to my one true love.  Jesus the Christ, the anointed one and His anointing.  There is no other God like the most-high God.  I will serve Him for the rest of my natural life.  His love is great.  His love for me is wonderful, it is too powerful for me to understand.  I owe Him my life.  Without Him, I am nothing.

Are all of these podcasts religious?  No.  Do I have a Christian world view? Yes.  I have purposed in my heart to do all unto Him.

Sep 9, 2020


Racism from any direction should just not be tolerated in the Church but I find that more and more "christians" are racist.  They don't want to admit it but they are.  You are going to be surprised at who I am talking about.  White privilege is a term that has caused white people to feel guilty for things that they are...

Aug 19, 2020


I just lost another friend from Covid-19.  The Church should have answers to this but we don't.  Covid-19 cannot just be poo pooed away.  Real people are dying from it.  

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Aug 3, 2020


No matter what you need to keep your sanity during Covid-19.  The enemy is not Bill Gates, the government, your neighbor, your Governor.  The enemy is satan himself and he is working behind the scenes to bring the "End Times" into being.  Be careful what you listen to on Social Media and don't believe everything that...

Aug 2, 2020


Reminder - Social Media is a business.  Would you want someone coming in telling you how to run your business.  Stop telling Social Media how they can conduct business.  If you don't like what they won't allow you to post, then get your own website, newspaper article, or create your own social media.

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Aug 2, 2020

christopher & kathryn

Real story posted about Lebron James not wanting to bathe.  Sometimes the news media posts some real dumb stories.  This one about Lebron James takes the cake. This was so ridiculous my cohost wished to remain anonymous.

See actual story here - Click Here

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